Last month was full of wonderful things, which was a tremendous surprise seeing as it was miserable old January. Maybe we should all give this unfortunate month a bit of a break? No one likes going first.

As always, tea has been a great support accompanying me each and every day. A cup of tea brought to me in bed on weekend mornings was also a very welcome, and relatively new, home tradition. But what else has been making me smile this month?

The American Office

I somehow reached the the grand old age of 28 without having watched The Office, neither the British nor the American version. However, my boyfriend was quick to rectify this a couple of months ago. We raced through the British version and although I was sceptical at first, I LOVED it! However, I was then introduced to the American version. At first I was not convinced as they were just replicating the British version, but now I REALLY LOVE it! This is my favourite clip so far, if it doesn’t make you cry laughing then you clearly need to watch The Office – FACT!

Snowflakes in Edinburgh

Finally, some snow in Edinburgh! As we live in Leith and near(ish) to the water, we don’t get much snow at all. So to get this wintery view from our balcony was a very welcome surprise. The fact that I was like Bambi on ice walking to the bus stop that morning couldn’t even put a dampener on my spirits.

Snowy Edinburgh

New camera

My other half very generously bought me this beauty for my birthday in December. Although I barely know how to use it yet, I love it. I opted for a Bridge camera ‘Bridge cameras are cameras which fill the niche between the single-lens reflex cameras (SLRs) and the point-and-shoot camera.’ – rather than diving straight into a pricey SLR.

I keep practising and as long as I have the hang of it by the time we go to New York on 12th February, then everything will be peachy. Please do feel free to give me any tips or advice in the comments below.

My camera

Super smoothie maker

I am addicted to my smoothie maker, the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender – it’s a bargain at only £20 and so easy to clean! Our freezer is jam packed full of frozen fruit and there is always a big bag of spinach in our fridge. I feel so healthy getting my boost of vitamins and minerals each day, I’ll definitely be blogging my favourite recipes soon.

Smoothie Maker
Walks along Cramond

Last weekend we took a lovely (extremely chilly) walk along the Cramond coast to get some fresh air, winter sun and test out my new camera – I have a lot to learn! I’m pretty proud of some of my pictures so far but I do need to get out of the habit of automatic mode. There were so many dogs on our walk which made great, if a little challenging, subjects for my photos. As did my boyfriend!


Earlier this week I blogged about BeautiVine – the super talented freelance hair and makeup specialist in Edinburgh… also my boyfriend’s sister but I’m not biased, honest. Here is a wee pic of her fabulous handiwork:


Overall this has not been a bad January at all. All I can say is bring on February and our trip to New York!