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Probably the best Christmas trees in the world!

Five days until Christmas, so let’s celebrate with some awesome Christmas trees. But first, here is how a Christmas tree should NOT look…

Wrong, wrong, wrong

So let’s look at how it should be done! First off a Lego xmas tree this year in London! Even the baubles were lego and had some QR code cubes hanging from the tree! (more…)

RIP email?

R.I.P e-mail

My thoughts today are about email and the continuous debate about its suggested demise due to social media.

Email is ubiquitous, but so is social media, isn’t it? We are becoming increasingly surrounded by Facebook ‘Like’ buttons and integration into many aspects of our lives, changing the way we view and share content online, and maybe even how we shop online in the near future. Email has to be one of the greatest inventions to date. Yes we moan when it goes down, but we are also happy when an email we shouldn’t have or wish we hadn’t sent either gets lost on its way or ends up in the recipient’s junk folder (phew). (more…)

Facebook is growing up

Where has Facebook poke gone? Or more to the point, who noticed or cares?

Facebook haven’t eradicated this feature altogether, they have just decided to hide it, hopefully with the view to phase it out. Is this a case of Facebook growing up? Or just realising what a meaningless feature it was.

Facebook is constantly growing and developing, with the introduction of more recent features such as Facebook shopping, Mark Zuckerberg shows he really means business. It is part of many of our every day lives and I can only see this increasing.


We wish you a social Christmas

I admit, I am a geek deep down. But I am also a Christmas geek so here is a run down of my top social media related xmas gifts. From great stocking fillers to more expensive bespoke gifts, there is something for everyone. For some this Christmas post may be a bit early, but remember it is now LESS than four weeks until the big day, so get shopping! 🙂

10. iPad desk stand/tidy

I am starting the countdown with this simple iPad stand which doubles up as a (small) desk tidy. Maybe you could use it for your afternoon coffee money, keys or chewing gum. Either way it seems like a good invention.




We all love a good moan, it’s part of human nature. But is social media really the place to do this? And in particular, Facebook?

I think that there is a time and a place for everything and I am no saint in all of this. I can be a very accomplished moaner, just not on Facebook. Many comments on Twitter can gets washed away or easily ignored in the real time feed, so if I ever feel an little rant bubbling up, this is the place I go.


Have a felt Christmas

So a few weeks ago I wrote about my creation of felt Christmas decorations, this is an update.

I have been sewing away, experimenting with buttons, ribbon, wool, pom poms, pens, everything! My favourites are probably the Robin and Rudolph. I prefer the white felt eyes to the buttons eyes on others. So anyway I will keep making them, some for family for xmas, others just for the flat. I am also going to be making microwavable heat cushions from material and barley so watch out for it.

Felt Christmas Decorations