This week my friend Sash suggested that I painted penguins on my nails, so I did!

Penguin Nail ArtFor the penguin base I used Rimmel Lasting Finish black nail polish. My signature nail was painted with a sky blue coloured Rimmel nail polish and then a Rimmel matt top coat to give an ice effect finish to it.Penguin Nail ArtTo the black nails I used my white nail art pen to painted on their tummys and the whites of their eyes.
Penguin Nail ArtOnce the white dried I painted on black pupils and orange beaks. I also painted the grey face for the seal and added black details when that had dried.
Penguin Nail Art Penguin Nail Art Penguin Nail ArtHere are all of the nail polishes and pens I used.
Penguin Nail Art Penguin Nail Art