Yesterday was an exciting day, it was the launch of the new BarryM nail art pens. They are currently available in four colours; pink, silver, white and black, all £4.99 each. So yesterday I bought the pink one and decided to test it out with pigs on my nails.

Piglet Nail Art

As I was a little short on time, I just used the nail art pen to draw lines on my other nails, and a curly pig tail on my little finger.

Piglet Nail Art

The BarryM nail art pen in question…

BarryM Nail Art Pen

Once I’d on the outline of the pig’s head and coloured it in and it had dried, I added the snout using another BArryM nail polish and a dotting tool…

IMG_20130411_212255 Piglet Nail Art

All of the nail polishes I used…

Piglet Nail Art