Now the hype surrounding Pinterest has calmed down a bit, have people become bored of it? It’s time for me to voice my opinion…

Yes, I know everyone and their dog has written a blog post about Pinterest, but I couldn’t help but voice my opinion. I love it; my name is Jennie and I think I might be addicted to Pinterest, there I said it. But even with true love, things are not perfect, Pinterest and its users have their faults. To be honest I did think the novelty would wear off. But it hasn’t! And I see a future together with it.

  • When i buy my own house – Home ideas
  • When (if) I get engaged – Wedding planning
  • When (if) I get pregnant – Advice, nursery decor, baby clothes etc.
  • Inspiration for holidays – Dream destinations and realistic options
  • Continuous source for recipes – Sharing my own and finding others

So I think Pinterest is a bit like Marmite, you either totally get it and love it, or think it is spawned from the devil and don’t like it (I’m a lover by the way). So I think you either get the concept of Pinterest or you don’t. Which is fine. If you don’t get it or see the point in using it, then don’t use it. But if you do, then embrace it. Go wild!

What is Pinterest?

Let’s get back to basics…

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. It allows you to organise and share all the beautiful things you find on the web or your own images. You can browse pinboards created by other people to discover new things and get inspiration from people who share your interests.

So, what are the main reasons that people use Pinterest?

Satisfy the Urge

This may come as a surprise but I LOVE shopping! I just can’t resist going shopping, but more often than not, the urge is out my system once I’ve bought something and the next day I have changed my mind and return it. Since I found Pinterest, I have found this to be a relief mechanism for this urge. If I pin a pretty pair of shoes, then in a way it is as if I have them, so I don’t need to go and physically buy them. My Style board is like my virtual wardrobe.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is literally saving me money! (OK, that might be pushing it).

Hint, Hint


Girl: “Oh did you see those beautiful shoes I pinned? Aren’t they so pretty.” What she really means: “Look at those shoes, I love them, take the hint and get them for me for my birthday”. Maybe, by providing these subtle hints by displaying all the things we like on a public platform online, this is in fact very kind of us to help you understand us better, spelling it out… this is what we like.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is helping me to help others. Making me a kinder person.


Whether I’m thinking about getting a new tattoo, some home improvements, a new craft project, baking, whatever it may be, Pinterest is my source of inspiration. My other blog, Stamp Nail Art, originated from ideas I found on Pinterest. I love painting my nails and I started getting new ideas of alternative ways to decorate my nails, so I created a new blog to display my work and I also pin the images of my nails to share with others.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is a fantastic source of inspiration for almost anything.

Fantasy World

Is this true, Pinterest is full of crazy women? Is it harmless escapism or ill advised, delusional dreaming? I think there is no harm in dreaming. If I want to dream of having a swimming pool in my second home in the south of France then where is the harm in that? But what about the women who pin wedding dresses but don’t even have a partner? Well there is an ongoing stereotypical joke in American chick flicks that all women have had a wedding scrap book since they were ten years old. I have always wanted to get married, but I didn’t do this. Now I see beautiful wedding dresses on Pinterest and want to pin them, I did have a wedding dress board but I deleted it for three reasons: 1) My boyfriend at the time didn’t want to get married, 2) People assumed I was engaged, 3) This might have looked a bit crazy to prospective future boyfriends if they saw it.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is a borderline bunny boiler haven.


I often wonder where the line is. I love Pinterest for organising my life, but where do I stop? Should I use Pinterest to oranise my wardrobe, choose an outfit for a night out? I’m not doctor, so I’m not sure whether it is good to encourage OCD tendencies or not, but I am happiest when I’m organised and everything is in its right place. But what about the people at the extreme end of the OCD spectrum?

So for this reason, I think Pinterest could be a danger to your health.

Now we’ve looked at the reasons people use Pinterest, who is it that is using it?

The Sharing/Caring Type

Pinterest inspires sharing. Whether it be boasting or in a good samaritan sense. It is in our human nature to want to share things with other people, so pinning is not just about increasing my collection on my own boards, but also sharing what I’ve found with others.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is helping human evolution.

Types of Pinners

  • Lurkers – Those users who just look at other people’s pretty pins.
  • Repinners – Those who just repin other people’s content.
  • Pin creators – Those who pin their own original content.

I am a mixture of the latter two. I definitely couldn’t just look at pins and not repin. That is like looking at a menu when you’re starving but not eating anything.

So for this reason, I think Pinterest is defining us as people.

What’s the problem?

Like any relationship made from true love, Pinterest isn’t perfect but I still love it, a lot.

As a dedicated Pinterest user, and a bit of a geek, one issue that I have is the lack of analytics. You create a masterpiece, pin it to Pinterest, then what? I pin a lot of my nail art, make up designs, and baking to Pinterest, so I want to see who and how often it is repinned and liked.

Am I asking for too much, should I expect Pinterest to change or should I change? I’ve been dabbling in Pinerly, a tool specifically designed for Pinterest analytics. I like it but I’m all for an easy life, if Pinterest could just add Facebook style analytics to their platforms then I would be very happy.

For now, I am content with this relationship. We have an adequate give/take ratio, so for now this honeymoon period continues.

What are your views of Pinterest? Love or Hate?