Five days until Christmas, so let’s celebrate with some awesome Christmas trees. But first, here is how a Christmas tree should NOT look…

Wrong, wrong, wrong

So let’s look at how it should be done! First off a Lego xmas tree this year in London! Even the baubles were lego and had some QR code cubes hanging from the tree!

Next we have an impressive tree made using recycled beer bottles!

Recycled beer bottle xmas tree

One for the geeks, a Pacman tree!

Geeky Pacman xmas tree

A little bit weird, and not sure if it can quite be called a xmas tree, but this one is made from teddy bears!

Teddy tree

One for the ladies, a tree made from Diamonds! A bargain at $1,550,000. It’s decorated with diamonds, crystal and six hundred lights! Love a bit of sparkle.

A girl's best friend... a Diamond xmas tree!

Yum yum, a chocolate xmas tree, need I say any more!

Yum yum, chocolate xmas tree!

This impressive tree of lights is the largest xmas tree in the World and was turned on this year by the Pope!

World's largest xmas tree!

Or maybe you fancy a tree of people?

A bit like xmas where's Wally?

This tree is rather spectacular!

Just a couple of lights on this one!

Maybe you’d prefer a solid gold xmas tree, worth nearly $2million!

The tree of pure gold

Now we all have some inspiration, let’s get creative with our Christmas trees this year! Happy Christmas everyone 🙂