When my husband and I started dating, I was living in a wee flat in Marchmont. We soon found our favourite date venues, one of which was The Salisbury Arms. It always had fantastic food and was lovely and cosy (yet very spacious) for some weekend drinks and Scrabble!

We now live in Leith so when I was invited to review The Salisbury Arms after a big refurbishment, we leapt at the opportunity! So how does it compare after its makeover? Read on to find out.

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

To be honest, it doesn’t really look much different inside; which is a good thing! I love how spacious it is; full of homely accessories such as tartan clad chairs and vintage thistle wallpaper. If I had a bar or restaurant, this is how I would decorate it. In fact, when we move from our flat to a house, I will be taking lots of inspiration from The Salisbury Arms.

The photogenic appearance meant that it was the perfect muse for blogging. I couldn’t stop taking photos of all the little details dotted around the place.

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

The high ceilings and grand light fixtures create the most wonderful atmosphere.

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

There is a separate bar area (left when you walk in) and restaurant (right as you walk in). We were greeted at the door and taken up a couple of steps to the restaurant. I was so pleased to see that they kept their fire pit in the middle of the restaurant. It looks pretty spectacular and creates a wonderfully cosy atmosphere. We were seated at a front row fire seat which was most welcome as it was freezing outside.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

Naturally I ordered a glass of Prosecco which turned out to be an absolute bargain at £3.70 a glass!The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

We perused the fairly varied menuThe Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

We didn’t sample any cocktails (this time) but they were quite reasonably priced so they’ll be on my list for our next visit.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

The chairs were covered with a variety of different fabrics and leathers. I particularly love this vintage floral design.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

We ordered our dishes and were given a wee complimentary snack. They were some sort of cracker coated in a very tasty flavouring but a little greasy for me so I only ate a couple but this didn’t stop my hubby hoovering up the rest.

Perhaps they could be baked instead of fried and they might be a bit lighter?The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh


My date opted for the Scallops of the Day which were served with pork belly and an apple sauce. He was in his element and loved them! The scallops were very tasty but in my opinion, the apple sauce was too sweet and just tasted like an apple pie filling. However, they were beautifully presented on a clean white plate.

Scallops of the Day – £10.50

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

I went for my go-to dish of calamari. It was a good portion size for a starter and well cooked. The side of aioli was very generous. The batter was a bit too greasy for my personal preference and it could have done with a bit more seasoning!

Salt & Szechuan pepper squid with aioli – £5.95

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh


My husband’s Wagyu burger was packed full of toppings! He added some blue cheese and chorizo to the standard burger detailed below and they were very generous with these extras. I must admit, I was quite envious of his choice but I had a couple of bites so I was satisfied.

He decided to swap the sweet potato fries for twice-cooked chunky chips. These were beautifully cooked, soft yet crunchy of the outside – delicious!

Wagyu burger with smoked Irish Cheddar, crispy onions, tomato relish and sweet potato fries and aioli – £15.95

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

My main, unfortunately, was a bit of a different story. It looked fabulous, as you can see below, and the winter veg inside the “tart” were well cooked and tasty.

However, I was expecting a tart to be a bit of a lighter dish. I do love pastry, especially shortcrust, but this pastry could’ve been used to sink a ship! Okay, maybe that was a little over the top but it was extremely thick around the edge of the tart which made that part inedible. The base of the tart was much thinner and subsequently tastier. The sides definitely would’ve been better if they were thinner but I couldn’t help think it needed some sort of gravy or sauce to go with it.

Unfortunately, the ‘Cropwell Bishop custard with a Stilton & walnut crumb’ was non-existent – a real shame as I love blue cheese. As the tart didn’t come with anything, I ordered a side of veg. These were thankfully really well cooked and a generous portion.

Roasted Winter Vegetable Tart stuffed with butternut squash, beetroot and Cropwell Bishop custard with a Stilton & walnut crumb (v) – £10.95

With a side of Seasonal greens – £3.00

The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

I was in love with the highlights of copper in the form of mirrors and lamps dotted around.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

The iconic fire in the middle of the restaurant…The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

I mentioned above that I was very happy to be sat next to this, however this didn’t last too long as I was soon roasting!! I’m sure most people would be fine, my body is just a bit skee-wiff as a result of having MS and really struggles to regulate its temperature. I’m sure if we had asked then the staff would have been more than happy to move us elsewhere.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

As I’ve already said, I am totally in love with the decorations throughout. Including these beautiful flowers in the window by the front door.The Salisbury Arms, Edinburgh

The food wasn’t outstanding but we still love The Salisbury Arms and we will be back. If we return for food then I’ll definitely be opting for the baked camembert – a safe and delicious bet.

If you fancy visiting, check out their menus or book over at thesalisburyarmsedinburgh.co.uk.

Have you already been to The Salisbury Arms? Let me know what you thought in the comments!


Disclaimer: Our meal and drinks at The Salisbury Arms was complimentary but this did not sway my review at all. I was 100% honest and very grateful to have been given this opportunity.