Scotland is full to the brim of beautiful beaches. A few weeks ago we took a trip to one of the best; Gullane beach near Edinburgh. A beautiful and completely unspoilt stretch of golden sand and glistening blue sea. It was absolutely freezing and it was super windy; but it was perfect and the sun was shining.

Why did we go to a beach in Scotland during winter?

Well, as I mentioned in my February Stamp of Approval post, I went to a Chinese New Year event and ate a fortune cookie. Inside it said “Romance will blossom this weekend“ and so my boyfriend made this happen with a surprise trip to the beach.

Gullane beach -

Gullane beach -

All of this fresh air and walking was hard work, so I took a wee rest mid-walk.Gullane beach -

The sea was full super-keen kite surfers.Gullane beach -

Barbados or Scotland?Gullane beach -

There were lots of dogs around who were loving the sea.

Gullane beach -

Yep, pretty sure it’s Barbados.Gullane beach - Gullane beach -

Another delighted dog with some tasty seaweed.Gullane beach -

It wouldn’t be a romantic walk along the beach without declaring our love in the sand, would it!Gullane beach - Gullane beach -

We even had a little picnic hiding away in the sand dunes. The was our attempt to hide from the freezing wind but instead our sandwiches just got full of sand. We were still happy.

Gullane beach -

Where’s your favourite beach in Scotland? There are plenty to choose from!