Yes, some people still “just don’t get it”! I hear it all the time. Much like the stages of grief, you need to learn to accept the inevitable, social media is growing, and definitely not going away. In fact, approximately one in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook, so why aren’t you?

So let me guide you through the programme. If you are freaking out at any point, remember it is completely normal, we will reach number 7, together!

Typically, the seven stages of grief (and now social media acceptance) are described as follows:

1. Shock or Disbelief.

Where did this “social media” spring from? How could sitting at a computer possibly improve my social relationships, increase sales, customers, or increase word of mouth? I don’t believe it!

2. Denial.

No, there is no way it could help me. People who use social media are geeks who don’t leave their bedrooms and have no interpersonal skills. I don’t need to use it whatsoever!

3. Anger.

It is an outrage, people are wasting their time on Facebook and I feel as though I am being forced to follow the crowd just to fit in. We are all going to turn into zombies and forget how to speak to one another. My company is fine with a website, we don’t need anything else.

4. Bargaining.

Ok, I will create a Faecbook account but I’ll only look at it once a week, I won’t need it. It is just there if people want to look at it and find details about our company.

5. Guilt.

Oh no, I’ve been on Facebook every evening and now got 200 friends. I said I would only use it once a week, how could I?!

6. Depression.

I accept I am using social media but now there is no escape. I get notifications and reminders so I have to respond to people. I’m doomed and I’ve gone against my beliefs.

7. Acceptance and Hope. 

Well to be fair I have found my best friend from school who I haven’t seen in years and now we are meeting up next week! I also set up a page for my company and am getting some lovely feedback, maybe this could work for the future!

Too far!

Don’t be scared of social media, embrace what you can. It doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time posting comments and Tweeting. Seek advice from people like myself who know what they are doing, and build a strategy.

Ask yourself, why do I want to use social media? And the last thing you want to hear back from yourself is ‘because everyone else is so I feel I have to’, wrong answer!

Do a bit of research, look at how friends or business competitors are using it. You can learn from everyone, whether this be how to do it right or wrong. But most of all, have fun with it! 🙂