I love nearly all vegetables, but I can’t say I’m a fan of avocados. That aside, I was still intrigued by Avocado, ‘an application and platform designed for two people to build and share a life.’

Avocado allows couples to:

  • Communicate using free and fast messaging.
  • Share photos, collect moments and create a shared gallery.
  • Build a library of your favorite personal expressions to easily resend over and over.
  • Send emoticons with ‘funny face’ headshots that only one person understands and loves.
  • Selectively share photos to Twitter as a couple.
  • Share lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas.
  • Build a complete archive of a relationship for walks down memory lane.
My initial thoughts were, ‘isn’t this just Between‘? Another ‘couples app’ that I reviewed last year. Well there was only one way to find out, use it.
So, I downloaded the app and my other half did the same. I apparently ‘showed off the face Joseph loves’ by adding my photo…
Then I just had to wait for Joe to reciprocate and accept my invitation to our love nest app…
We both joined the app, added our faces, so now what? Well there’s a recipe for guacamole if we fancy it. But we don’t, so we move on…
Instead I created our own list. I love being organised and write lists for everything, so this feature could be a winner for us. We’re going on holiday to Thailand in a couple of months so I created a list to prepare for this. Maybe next week I’ll use it for our shopping list, that’s romantic isn’t it?
Next I learn I can hug and kiss Joe without even being in the same room, city or even country as him. I suppose this is the future as nearly seen by Marty McFly!
I select ‘hug Joseph’ and thankfully I was at home as the way to send a hug is, of course, just to hug my phone. Well how else could a hug be transported virtually?
But it gets worse, or better, as the way to send a kiss is to kiss your phone! If I’m honest, when I woke up this morning and Joe had ‘sent me a kiss’ that did brighten up my day and make me smile. Mission accomplished. If you can’t kiss in real life then maybe this is the next best thing.
Now all of this is very cute, but I am not entirely convinced that I feel as close to my phone as my other half. We (the app and I) also seem to have different ideas of what a treat is. Their idea is that we pay them money (granted it is only $19.99/year) to receive the following…
I do like the events calendar. It is a great space to organise your plans together, whether it be a date or just a time do do the weekly food shop. However, I am an avid user of my Google calendar and unless Avocado synced with this then I don’t see a need for it. For people who don’t currently use an online calendar, then this feature is brilliant.
This app is fun and a sweet way for couples to communicate. But it is a bit sickly sweet. It is very similar to Between and I don’t think we will continue using it either. I like the Avocado brand and I’m sure some couples will have great fun having their own space to express all of their super couply feelings for each other.
Their web platform is a lovely experience full of adorable facts such as ‘Avocado trees don’t self-pollinate, they need another tree nearby to bear fruit. The fruit itself grows in pairs on the trees, and Avocados are Aztec symbols of love & fertility. Also, we just think it’s cute, and tasty!’ They are also fun on Twitter: @Avocado.
Overall, a great company who have made a fun and interesting app which is worth a look. Thumbs up and virtual hugs from me!

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