Being organised is the best thing in the world, isn’t it? I am a complete storage fiend; from tupperware to IKEA boxes, I love everything to have its home and for its home to look fabulous.

Simple storage

Floral IKEA boxes

These storage boxes are one of my favourite ever IKEA purchases. They were only about £3 each and they look fabulous. I use them to store stuff at the top of my wardrobe, but I wish they were actually more on display somewhere.

Simple storage

Stripy blue towel bag

I was actually sent this storage bag from the lovely people at It is technically sold as children’s storage but I though the design fitted in well with our bathroom. Even when I’m not using it to store towels, it’s easy to fold away and store itself.

Simple storage

Customised B&Q shelves

These cheap wooden corner shelves from the B&Q Basics range were only about £10 for all three. I then bought a tester pot of paint (about £1) and voilà!

DIY B&Q corner shelves -

Re-used wicker hamper

A few years ago I was given a Christmas hamper. Once I’d devoured the contents I then used the hamper for some extra storage in the living room. It mainly contains extra random cables and candles – just the essentials.

Simple storage

Customised IKEA wooden drawers

A while ago I decided to give some old IKEA wooden drawers a bit of a makeover. They were painted pink and silver when I twas about eleven years old so it was time for a change. You can read about how I did it here.

Vintage DIY drawers

Lunch storage

I couldn’t finish this blog post without mentioning the amazing Sistema tupperware. This salad tub is my favourite but they have a huge range of brightly coloured tubs for every food you can imagine.

Simple storage

What storage solutions do you have at home? I’d love to find out about some new boxes or drawers! #StorageGeek