Would you go shopping on Facebook?

As social networking sites infiltrate our day to day lives further and further, then surely this is the next logical step. It is thought that Facebook Will Be 50% Of Online Retail By 2015. So it looks like it is going to happen whether we like it or not. Brands are investing increasing amounts of time and money in social media, so is this the next challenge, to sell directly through these platforms?

I am yet to buy something specifically through Facebook, but I have bought many clothes after seeing them promoted through the Facebook pages of my favourite shops. I am faced with daily temptation which I too often give in to (life is hard I know).

I struggle enough with the lure and ease of ebay. I pop to the site to browse to see if they might just have a flower sticker for my car and before I know it I’ve clicked ‘commit to buy’ and it’s all over, and a week later my car looks like this (no I’m not ashamed, this was one of my better buys, although I am hoping that the cheapness doesn’t result in them stripping the paint off).

It is a well known fact that girls love a shopping trip together. We spend hours trawling the streets trying on dress after dress and seeking each other’s opinion. If your friend doesn’t like it then chances are you won’t buy it. Social shopping could just be an extension of this. You see a top you like and ‘like’ it literally. Your friends can see this and provide their opinion on it, they may even be more truthful as you aren’t face to face. If your most stylish friend also ‘likes’ it then this could be the confirmation you need to take the plunge and click buy. It is no secret that we are all influenced by the opinion of friends and even strangers, even if you say you aren’t, deep down we all care what our peers think of us.

My main fear with Facebook shopping is that I know how detailed the targeting can be. So if items can be directed appropriately to me because my latest status was ‘Need something to wear to the Christmas party’ and I’m a 24 year old female in Edinburgh, then chances are I will like them, and then probably buy them. As I have said before, it is all about making our lives easier.

So is this social shopping good because it will save me time trawling the shops? Or is it just goodbye money, hello more time on Facebook?