The Atelier had never particularly been on my radar to be honest. Although it’s on Morrison Street, just around the corner from my work, I never really knew much about it. I think I saw something on Facebook at then had a look at their photo gallery on their website and Oh.My.God. The food looked amazing! All very MasterChef meets Michelin Starred fine dining restaurant. The prices didn’t seem too steep either so we decided to give it a whirl on one of our date nights.

The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

The exterior is very unassuming and you’d be forgiven for not even realising it’s a restaurant. I’ve probably walked past it a hundred times and not even given it a second glance – more fool me!

Inside it’s tiny, only about 10 tables max. This said, they treat you so well and without being too pushy. One of the waiters saw me putting my jacket on out of the corner of his eye (I was a little chilly) and instantly shut the front door, even though I said I was fine. Nothing was a problem for them.

Often when restaurants are small like this the toilets can really let them down. However, they were fantastic. There was just one toilet for each sex but it was like a full on bathroom. Beautiful and with the nicest quality finishing touches.The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

The food

After perusing the menu for a while we ordered our food and drinks. I had a glass of Prosecco and they brought out some bread and…. I’m sorry I’ve completely forgotten what the green dip was but I do remember it being delicious!

The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

Next up they brought out a wee amuse bouche. This was a light, warm foamy substance… again I can’t remember what they said it was but it was delicious.The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

My starter was a little fishy banquet. Now this may surprise you but I can’t remember exactly what it was. I was just so excited by everything I just ate and didn’t listen. On their website they only have a sample menu so I can’t look up what it was.

There was a warm, foamy fish broth that was incredibly full of flavour. Around the edge there were scallops, squid, fish, a king prawn, and all sorts of other tasty little morsels. I was in seafood heaven!The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

My date opted for a starter of pan roasted pigeon with fois gras croquette. Faultless! Everything they served was just stunning to look at and eat.The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

Next up he enjoyed a lamb loin and neck dish with sweet breads, sweet potato mash, braised leek.The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

My main was another fishy affair, monkfish, mussels, herby gnocchi and an oxtail bon bon.The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

We decided to share a dessert ad I’d seen photos on their website and they all looked so pretty. We had a feast of rhubarb – sponge, meringue, foam, edible flowers, marshmallows, sorbet. I mean, just look at it! I want to print it out and frame it (not even joking).The Atelier restaurant, Edinburgh

I think the bill came to about £80. This was really reasonable for 2 starters, 2 mains, one dessert and 4 drinks, especially considering the high quality.

In case you hadn’t got the message already, we had an incredible evening. I can’t really fault the place at all and I can’t wait to return. Credit to the owners, staff and chefs because this place is truly amazing. I’ve been to a few Michelin Starred restaurants before but this is right up there with them, if not beating them

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Yum, yum, YUM!

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