The Boozy Cow in Edinburgh is in the location of the late Amicus Apple bar. Three years ago this was the venue of my first date with my other half, so when I was asked to review the new wares I took him along.

The burger scene in Edinburgh is pretty swamped these days (not complaining); Burger, Burger Meats Bun, Holyrood 9A (et al), The Huxley… you can get a burger on pretty much any street. So what makes the Boozy Cow any different? Actually, quite a bit.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

When we walked in I was shocked by how different the interior was. It was completely unrecognisable and not really like anywhere else in Edinburgh. We were shown to our table, a cosy booth, and Dave (the manager) and Chris joined us to explain more about the Boozy Cow mission. They were both super knowledgeable about the food and drinks they offer, so if you ever get a chance to speak to them I definitely would.

One of the Boozy Cow mottos: no plates, no cutlery, no wine glasses. Unless you ask of course, they’re not animals!

They also encourage people to just drop in. If there isn’t a table available then they’ll buzz you when one comes along. This perfectly compliments their relaxed attitude and atmosphere.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Some wise neon words…Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Inside the whole place is graffitied and lit with red lights. It has a very grungy yet chilled vibe to it. I quite liked the darkness and low lighting – it’s very forgiving!

The seating was a range of high benches with stools (good for groups), cosy booths (good for couples or smaller groups) and other tables towards the back that I didn’t get much of a chance to see.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

My date sitting in the darkness of our badass booth.Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

We relaxed into our surroundings and perused the food menu; beef burgers, chicken burgers, hot dogs, salads, slaws and sides. Even some savoury waffles.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Pre-meat cocktails

The cocktail menu looked fantastic but we decided to let the guys advise us and just surprise us with their recommended cocktails.

First up we had a Disco Bru (Bacardi, lime & Irn Bru reduction – £6) and a Fish House Punch (Rum, cognac, peach liqueur – £7.50). Both were delicious and delightfully fresh – perfect summer drinks. The punch cocktail had a dehydrated orange as garnish and they actually did this themselves as they have a range of fancy machines downstairs.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh


All burgers are cooked medium to well done unless specified otherwise. I usually find that the standard is medium rare but I kept with their recommendation.

I opted for the Maple Bacon Cheese Burger (Swiss cheese, red onion, pickles, lettuce, beef tomato, mustard ketchup & crispy maple cured streaky bacon – £7.95). My date went for the Holy Cow Burger (Double burger pattie, caramelised chilli onions, sliced mature cheddar, crispy streaky bacon & hot chipotle mesquite sauce – £7.95). Both burgers were delicious! Lashings of cheese, bacon and sauce (thank god for the kitchen roll on the table) together with well seasoned patties sandwiched between a soft and fluffy roll.

We also shared a side of Cheese Skinnies (Thin fries with spiced cheese, sweet onion & mustard – £4). They were tasty but I wasn’t totally convinced by the cheese sauce instead of just cheese. The onions in it might just have won me over though.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

My medium-well maple bacon burger:Boozy Cow, Edinburgh Boozy Cow, Edinburgh Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Post-meat cocktails

After our feast we enjoyed a few more cocktails:

  • Bacon Maple Old Fashioned (Bacon, bourbon, bitters, time & some science – £8) served with a little bucket of bacon frazzles
  • P.B.J (Bourbon, peanut butter & jelly – £7.50) served with a little bucket of peanuts
  • Caramel Jack (Bourbon, werthers originals, lemon & drambuie – £7.50)

All were fantastic and I loved the touch of the nibbles. They love huge iceberg of an ice cube in their cocktails (as you can see below). They make these themselves by chipping away at a big block of ice then re-freezing it. The bacon flavour is added to the old fashioned using a process known as fat washing. The cocktail with the Werther’s Originals get is achieved when the sweets are cooked(?) in a sous-vide. Now if you’ve ever watched Master Chef then you’ll be very familiar with that term.

It’s all very technical and exciting. Never a dull moment in the Boozy Cow, that’s for sure.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh


To finish off our meal we had their one and only dessert; the aptly named Chocolate Stampede (Dark & white chocolate ice cream, honeycomb crunch, cookie dough, toasted mallows, peanut dust & whipped cream – £3.75) although we opted for it without the marshmallows or cream. As you can see, it was just a big bucket of goodness, perfect for sharing.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

Finally (I promise!) we had a Million Dollar Milkshake (Kahlua, milk & powdered Nutella – £7.50). Basically just a White Russian but served in a fun milk carton and with some fancy powdered Nutella, made by themselves.

Boozy Cow, Edinburgh

So if you can’t tell already, we had a fantastic evening filled with delicious food and exciting drinks. It’s the perfect venue for any occasion and I plan on heading back very soon.

Huge thank you to the guys at the Boozy Cow for inviting us and being such fantastic hosts!

Their Edinburgh branch can be found at 17 Frederick St and they are also in Aberdeen at 24 Netherkirkgate. Find out more about The Boozy Cow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This meal was provided for free but this did not sway my review at all. I was 100% honest and very grateful to have been given this opportunity.

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