Who wouldn’t want to get home from work and find the ingredients for a tasty cocktail on their doorstep?

Well with Tipple Box that dream can be a reality! 🍸😍

Tipple Box: Cocktail subscription box

I love subscription boxes. It’s like I’m giving myself a little gift each month. I’ve tried out a variety from Montezuma chocolate to GlossyBox to a mental health Buddy box. They each have their benefits but I haven’t yet found one that I’d commit to for more than 3 months.

Last month the lovely people at Tipple Box offered to send me one of their cocktail subscription boxes to review. The beautifully packaged box arrived on my desk at work, full of carefully selected ingredients. My cocktails were both gin based; Orange Lady and Westminster Abbey Martini.

Tipple Box: Cocktail subscription box

In order to make your cocktails, you’ll need to have a cocktail shaker – luckily my hubby already owned one. If you don’t have one already, you should be able to pick one up quite cheaply and easily from a larger supermarket or Amazon. It’s also a good idea to have a jigger spirit measure (like they have in bars) to measure out your ingredients. This will be much easier and more accurate than using a measuring jug.

Lastly, you’ll also need to make sure you have lots of ice in the freezer!

This is really open to personal preference but you might also need some fruit to garnish your cocktails, e.g. orange rind, and also some egg whites. If you don’t have them to hand, like I didn’t, don’t worry. These are usually optional and you can still enjoy your cocktails without them.

Orange Lady

This was a wonderfully fruity, fresh cocktail which I think could pretty much count as one of your 5-a-day 😉 The recipe instructions supplied in the box are very simple and easy to follow. You pretty much put everything in the cocktail shaker, shake, then serve!

Tipple Box: Cocktail subscription box

Westminster Abbey Martini

Another fruity cocktail but this one tasted slightly stronger than the other. Still delicious and still super easy to make. You could literally have a fresh cocktail in your hand within 5 minutes of the subscription box coming through your door!

Tipple Box: Cocktail subscription box

Now to sit back and relax on my balcony, cocktail in hand. Happy summer! 😎🍸Tipple Box: Cocktail subscription boxTipple Box: Cocktail subscription box

Tipple Box pricing is quite reasonable. After you’ve made your 2 cocktails, you’ll be left with lots of extra ingredients to make some more, or just use the spirits for another drink.

Find out more about Tipple Box or subscribe here.

You can also visit their website and sign up for their newsletter and receive a free cocktail book full of hints, tips and histories to help you mix the best cocktails you’ve ever made!