I was introduced to @WeirdHorse by my lovely friend, @iamsarapdot, and it was love at first tweet. It may come as a bit of a surprise to some of you, but I definitely have a bit of a geeky side to my personality and this twitter account (or horse) definitely satisfies it.

Since I first found the horse, my eyes have been opened to many more funny animals on who are active on social media. From the fairly innocent horse, to the outrageous fox. There is an animal for everyone.

Here is my run down (in no particular order) of the most entertaining social creatures…

@WeirdHorse (Owned by @BaffledFarmer)

His crazy ramblings about life on the farm crack me up every day.

His existence seems sad. He just wants to make friends and trot around happily, but he sometimes accidentally kills creatures.

I have seen his personality change over the past few months. He started off being very evil, then at some point he changed, his Twitter bio then read ‘I is nice now’. Obviously his grammar is poor, but he is a horse, so what do you expect?

When he recently gave a rare interview with the Huffington Post, I just about neighed with delight and excitement. He explained; “No I not [weird]. I definitely not. It not normal to kick things at pigs but I not weird. I only sound weird because I talk. I saw a horse burp up a hedgehog once and horses can’t even burp so how weird is that. That not me, though. I suppose I just making most my of surroundings.”

Whoever created this account is a genius. He even has his own website where he sells mugs, t-shirts and calendars. Maybe not as stupid as he seems!


If magpies could speak, then this is probably exactly what they’d say. He likes all things shiny!

Who would have thought that the day-to-day life of a magpie could be so entertaining?

@OctoberJones (and Texts from Dog)

Is it a dog? Is it a man? No, it’s October Jones, and he receives ‘Texts from dog‘. His avatar is the dog that is texting, so he tweets these texts amongst other random things.

Recently there have been a lot of ‘wasp updates’:

The best bit of this account is definitely the texts he gets from his dog (also available on Facebook):


A rude pig, living up to the bad name that pigs have acquired. Pigs are my favourite animals and I do not think that if they spoke they would be so filthy!


Insight into the day to day life of a pigeon; why wouldn’t that be funny?!

I have recently found that he has an admirer; @Loved_Up_Dove.

He does what pigeons do, and justifies his reasons:

He learns new things:

He does stunts:


A good mate of Jon Pigeon; enough said!

He likes jokes:


Last but by no means least, I give you Gus the Fox… If you are easily offended, then I advise strongly that you look away now! He is a sinister creature, I mean he murdered his gran for a start!

He meets people:
Daily sweary observations:
The future…?

Is this a fad that will soon disappear? Probably. But until the next new idea makes an appearance, it is safe to say that I am entertained.

Unfortunately, @WeirdHorse is getting a little repetitive. In order to stay top in the game, you need to be edgy and funny to keep your followers. People can get bored easily, maybe this is one reason why Gus the Fox is so popular, each Tweet seems more shocking and outrageous than the last, therefore keeping our attention. Also, not forgetting the whole point of social media… to be social. The pigeons are good at this, as Feral Pete retweeted my response to him the other day, and they do respond to followers. However, the weird horse does not 🙁 Despite my efforts to engage with him, his farmer did reply to me but that was as far as I got.

How far can these parody accounts really be taken? As you can now be arrested for calling someone a c*** on Twitter, what does the future hold for Gus the Fox who uses the ‘c word’ in every other tweet?

Until the next new social trend, let’s just let these animals brighten up our day with a giggle, even if it does seem inappropriate to do so. To see all of the above Twitter creatures and others in action, then check out my Twitter list: The Twitter Zoo, Enjoy! 🙂