I admit, I am a geek deep down. But I am also a Christmas geek so here is a run down of my top social media related xmas gifts. From great stocking fillers to more expensive bespoke gifts, there is something for everyone. For some this Christmas post may be a bit early, but remember it is now LESS than four weeks until the big day, so get shopping! 🙂

10. iPad desk stand/tidy

I am starting the countdown with this simple iPad stand which doubles up as a (small) desk tidy. Maybe you could use it for your afternoon coffee money, keys or chewing gum. Either way it seems like a good invention.


9. Battery pack reserve

We’ve all been there, you’re on the bus home and the dreaded red battery appears on your phone. Why face the rest of your day with no Facebook, music or phone calls, when you could carry around this little juice pack! There are lots of these around, but I liked the way this one doubled up as a key ring.

8. Bluelounge cable drop

I am sure i’m not the only one to suffer the annoyance of losing my laptop cable when I unplug it, so this simple gadget looks like the answer! A definite stocking filler.



7. Twitter stockings

Here we have a prime example of geek chic! The sex appeal of stockings combined with the geekiness of advertising Twitter on your legs! Cool or uncool? I’m sure this will divide opinions, but I will have to listen to my geek within and go with cool!


6. The Facebook “Like” mug

Now there were lot’s of Facebook mugs to choose from but this has to be my favourite. Plain and simple, I like coffee!



5. Twitter “follow” me mug

As I just stated, I like coffee, so what better than a Twitter flask that will keep my coffee warm on the move and advertise my Twitter.



4. Social cushions

There are lots of social media related cushions to choose from; Google, Twitter, Facebook, RSS, etc. They are bright and colourful and just a bit of fun. Such simple designs, some people might not recognise the symbols but that’s what makes them cool, subtlety.


3. Twitter handle necklace

If Sarah Jessica Parker can make wearing your name on your necklace cool, then this is just the next, more modern, step. I think they are really cool and might just have to invest in one myself! You can get your Twitter handle or hashtags and they are available in silver or gold.


2. Headphone earmuffs

I love these cosy pink (also in black and purple) earmuffs/headphones. With their chunky knit design, they are fashionable yet practical on two levels, keeping your ears toasty warm whilst you listen to your Christmas songs 🙂


1. Touch screen friendly gloves

Finally, these gloves are a winter essential for the simple reason that I cannot go through winter with having to take my gloves off when taking photos of all the festivities, I need warm hands 🙂


Have a great Christmas everyone, and have fun shopping! 🙂