Since we got engaged at the beginning of June we have been full steam ahead with our wedding planning. This isn’t because I have turned into some sort of crazy bridezilla, it’s because we wanted to get married next summer and available dates are already very few and far between.

I think it’s going pretty well so far, I think, but then again neither of us have planned a wedding before so we have nothing to compare this to. I say ‘pretty well’ as there have already been some minor bumps but they are all learning curves. Hence why I thought I’d share them with you all.

Wedding Planning -

Be ruthless with your guest list!

One of the first things we did when we started planning our wedding was we created a spreadsheet of who we wanted to invite. We thought we’d have a fairly small wedding but as the list grew, it soon became apparent that this wasn’t possible. The list still isn’t finished but we now as ourselves the following questions: when did we last see them? Are they a true friend, e.g. do they get in touch to see how we are or because they want something? Were we invited to their wedding?


Don’t over-worry about the weather

Now we’ve actually booked our venue and we have our wedding date (YAY!), I have been panicking about whether it will rain on the day. I know I can’t worry too much about the weather as our wedding is over a year away and I have no control over it anyway. Ultimately, as long as we are mr and mrs by the end of the day then nothing else matters!


You can’t please everyone

As I just said, all that really matters on the day is that we are husband and wife by the end of it. Whatever choices we make when planning it, there will always be someone that doesn’t like our favours, doesn’t like our choice of decorations or centre pieces. Even people that don’t like my wedding dress or bridesmaids dresses. But as long as we are happy with everything we’ve chosen then nothing else should really matter. But will that be the case? Probably not.


Be organised and embrace your inner geek

I already know that there is no way I could even begin to plan a wedding if it wasn’t for spreadsheets and Pinterest! We have a shared Google spreadsheet where we have our wedding list, venue costs, budget planning, ideas, everything! I am also planning the details of our wedding on Pinterest; dress ideas, decorations and all sorts of details.
Wedding Planning -

Now we have our venue booked the rest should be a breeze… or there will be another lessons learned blog post coming very soon.

Wish us luck!